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Raw Indian Wavy

Raw Indian Wavy

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Raw Indian wavy hair sourced directly from our trusted hair temple in the sunny South of India. This hair has the perfect wave pattern that can be worn in it's natural state or styled. 

Our raw Indian hair is 100% raw and authentic with no chemical processes whatsoever. Each bundle is cut for from a single donor, cuticle aligned in on direction for flat neat wefts. Raw hair is the epitome of luxury hair extensions. With proper care your hair extensions can last up to 5 years-even longer. 

Reasons To Love This Texture:

  • 100% Raw Indian Hair 
  • Luxurious wave pattern
  • Single donor 
  • 100g per bundle 
  • Cuticle aligned in one direction
  • Flat neat wefts 
  • Low-Medium Lustre 
  • Blends well with natural hair 
  • Colours well & can be bleached to a 613 
  • Tangle free and minimal shedding with good care 
  • Easy to style 
  • Simply glamorous 

Hair Tips:

  • For a full head 3-4 bundles is required. For lengths over 26" would recommend 4 bundles minimum. 
  • Raw hair is completely unprocessed & left in it's natural state from the donor- wave patterns & colours may vary. Be sure to order your bundles together or leave a note at checkout to maintain consistency. 
  • Treat your extensions like your real hair! The more you care for your hair the longer they last & slay
  • Wash & condition your hair at least once a week. Co-wash once a week at the very least. 
  • For styling use an anti frizz serum & heat protectant spray before styling  
  • Avoid products that leave your hair feeling dry. Products with a good amount of moisture is ideal for daily styling








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