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Raw Indian Natural Straight

Raw Indian Natural Straight

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Raw Indian natural straight hair sourced directly from our trusted hair temple in the sunny South of India.  Our natural straight hair has a slight wave to it & is easily styled for a sleek straight luscious look.

Our raw Indian hair is 100% raw and authentic with no chemical processes whatsoever. Each bundle is cut for from a single donor, cuticle aligned in on direction for flat neat wefts. Raw hair is the epitome of luxury hair extensions. With proper care your hair extensions can last up to 5 years-even longer. 

Reasons To Love This Texture:

  • 100% Raw Indian Hair 
  • Soft & sleek natural straight hair
  • Single donor 
  • Cuticle aligned in one direction
  • Flat neat wefts 
  • Low-Medium Lustre 
  • Blends well with natural hair 
  • Colours well & can be bleached to a 613 
  • Tangle free and minimal shedding with good care 
  • Easy to style 
  • Simply the best 

Hair Tips:

  • For a full head 3-4 bundles is required. For lengths over 26" would recommend 4 bundles minimum. 
  • Raw hair is completely unprocessed & left in it's natural state from the donor- wave patterns & colours may vary. Be sure to order your bundles together or leave a note at checkout to maintain consistency. 
  • Treat your extensions like your real hair! The more you care for your hair the longer they last & slay
  • Wash & condition your hair at least once a week. Cowash at the very least. 
  • For styling use an anti frizz serum to style as desired 
  • Avoid products that leave your hair feeling dry. Products with a good amount of moisture is ideal for daily styling









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